Thursday, February 10, 2011

Caillou Party

What a lovely party. Simply Captivating Events linked their "girly" CAILLOU PARTY and it's my pleasure to share it with you! Caillou may be a boy cartoon character but his sweet personality is attractive to boys and Girly Girls alike. In fact, I am posting this as my 4 year old daughter is watching an episode of Caillou!

We are big Caillou fans at our house, so when our little girly-girl wanted a Caillou celebration for her 3rd birthday party I was up for the challenge. Caillou is all primary colors, so to make her party fit for a princess, I did the primary colors with a twist - Caribbean blue, yellow, & light red, with a touch of lime green. We had a great time, and I love the way it all came out.
{The birthday girl & her little brother}

(photo and content credit: SIMPLY CAPTIVATING EVENTS)


  1. Thanks for the feature, Carrie!

  2. Find your way to a fun-filled party of exploring the wonderful world with the inquisitive Caillou. This four-year-old is always ready to learn something new and spend some quality time with his parents, grandparents or little sister.

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  3. Yet again another party that is a feast for the eyes. Great Caillou Party! I love all the details and Caillou Party Supplies you used. I think the kids had lots of fun and excitement...


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