Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tissue Paper Wreath Tutorial

Here is the GORGEOUS Tissue Paper Wreath Tutorial designed by Pluff Mudd Studio.
This wreath can be made with any color or combination of tissue paper colors to coordinate with any party color palette, which makes it a perfect "go to" for any event!!!

Foam wreath
Tissue Paper - cut into approx. 5 x 7 pieces (I used 3 packs)
Hot Glue
Floral Wire
Ribbon (Bow)

1. Cut a lot of 5x7 tissue paper pieces. I used three packs of tissue paper. (The small pieces that were left over after I cut the larger pieces were perfect for the outside and inside edges, so save those!!)
2. Pull the tissue paper in the center and twist into a point. There is one sample in the picture above. This takes some time, so turn on your favorite TV show to entertain you while you twist or include the kids.
3. Push the skewer through to make 2 holes at the top of the wreath. Pull through the floral wire to make a hanger on the back.
4. Heat up that hot glue gun. I used a wooden skewer to poke a hole in the foam wreath and squeezed some hot glue into the hole. (In the beginning, I thought I would poke a bunch of holes first. This did not work as well as I thought because each piece of tissue paper was a little different size after twisting. )
5. Use the skewer again to poke the tissue paper into the hole. This will save you from burning your fingers. :)
6. Continue poking holes, filling with glue, and pushing in the tissue paper until you have filled in the entire wreath.
7. Use the same process to fill in the center and outside of the foam wreath with the smaller left over pieces.
8. Finish off with a coordinating bow. I added one of my 3 inch party circles in the middle of the bow to include Cate's frog princess party theme.

VOILA!! A beautiful wreath!!

(photo and content credit: Pluff Mudd Studio)

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