Friday, January 21, 2011

Autograph Birthday T-Shirt

This simple idea can be created for less than $10 (less than $6 for us!). We purchased a fitted tee at Target for under $5. After searching Michaels for a birthday themed iron on, The Birthday Princess decided she'd rather have a 'PRINCESS' decal for her shirt. I chose not to argue since 6 year olds definitely know what they like AND I liked the .49cent clearance sticker!
Send your Birthday Child to school with a Sharpie or fabric pen and DON'T FORGET to send a note to the teacher informing her/him that your Birthday Child IS allowed to have friends sign it!!!
 When the Birthday Princess stepped off the bus I asked her to show me her Autograph Birthday T-Shirt.
She barely stopped twirling in BIRTHDAY BLISS long enough for me to snap the pictures!
We plan on the Princess wearing a new Autograph Birthday T-Shirt every year.
The shirts will make for a cute and memorable quilt for her high school graduation!

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