Monday, January 31, 2011

Frog Princess Party

I found this colorful and sassy party over at Pluff Mudd Studio blog. Christina is very talented and also has an Etsy Shop full of  cute items. 
The party was inspired by this adorable Shrimp and Grits Kids Smocked Bubble!! The bright pinks and greens were the color scheme for the party and the frog princess made quite the debut throughout all the little details.

Cate's invites kicked off the party with the sweet frog princess graphic and bright pinks and greens. I love polka dots, so I added a pink border with green polka dots. I like to jazz up the envelopes too, so her invites were sent in a green envelope with a cute coordinating address label. (The printable invites are coming soon to the Pluff Mudd Studio Etsy shop!)
I sneaked in a little polka dot here and there in the party decoration too. :)

The custom crown was made by Amy from the amazing Esty shop, True Love Found. I sent her the digital file of Cate's invite and she made this precious coordinating crown. She even included some polka dot ribbon the bottom.
Love it!!

I love to design a wreath that welcomes the guest and includes the theme. I made a tissue paper wreath (tutorial coming soon) for Cate's party. It turned out much better than I expected. I accented it with a green polka dot ribbon with a frog 3 inch party circle in the middle. It was perfect for her party.
The tables looked beautiful set-up along the marsh front! I was lucky to find a couple sets of pink polka dot and green polka dot plates on sale. The pink and green cups were part of that same set. The party circles made lots of appearances in the party decor!! (The printable party circles are coming soon to the Pluff Mudd Studio Etsy shop!)

The grass centerpiece, accented with pinwheels and 3 inch party circles, complimented the outdoor landscape. Val, from Crafty Go Lucky, sent me the cute frog and pink paper precut into pinwheels. I just spray painted skewers pink and attached them. I backed the 3 inch party circles with coordinating scrapbook paper, attached them to the pink painted skewers, and added some ribbon....Voila...... a centerpiece.
The napkin rings are small versions of the tissue pom-poms hanging above the dessert table (tutorial coming soon). Each child had their own cup personalized with a 2 inch party circle. This was key since all the cups were either pink or green. The party circles were perfect drink tags for the adults too. It was easy to identify your drink by the different tags, frog Cate, happy birthday, #1, etc.

The dessert table was filled with yummy cupcakes, oreo pops, cheerios, animal crackers, custom frog cookies, etc. Of course the party circles made an appearance again as we labeled all the treats. I added in the polka dots using the fun fabric and polka dot ribbon. The adorable frog painting was made by one of my friends, Thanks Noelle!

These precious cookies were custom made by Lisa from The Cookie Jar. I sent her the graphic and she matched it perfectly! The kids loved these sweet treats.

Isn't this cake precious?? The gals at Ashley Bakery surpassed all my expectations with the cake and cupcakes!! I thought the frog cake would be her smash cake, but the bakery sent a smash cake much easier for Cate to eat. I guess all that fondant would have been hard for her to manage. I made the yummy Oreo Pops and sprinkled them with pink and green to coordinate with the dessert table- visit the Pluff Mudd Oreo Pop tutorial.

The frog pond cupcakes were my favorite!!! Even the pink cupcakes were accented with a little fly. It was fun to watch everyone ooh and aah over them!

Every party for one year olds needs the staple of Cheerios and animal crackers!
Here is Cate's smash cake! She was so dainty!! Mommy had to get in there and help her get started.
Once she got going, there was no stopping her. She really enjoyed it.
The party circles made yet another appearance in her high chair banner.
Of course you can't have a party without favors!!! Each child had a box of goodies from Cate- "Thank you for hopping over to my pad!"

These amazing photos were taken by Lynn, from Town and Country Photography. She captured all the details and really made the party look stunning. Most importantly, all the wonderful memories are preserved for us to share with Cate and remember her very special birthday!!

Our pug, Sophie Lulu - Cate's best buddy, even got in the spirit with her pink boa collar!

(photo and content credit: Pluff Mudd Studio)

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